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Jobs For Security Guards

Guardian Eagle knows that only satisfied employees can provide the exceptional service our clients deserve. Experienced and entry-level positions for security guards are available in OC, LA and other areas of California.

Security Guards Career

Grow with us and share in the rewards. We respect your ambition and appetite for success. We invest in your career because it creates value for you and us.

Graduates & Internships

Start at the top with one of the security guards industry leading firms. Our training prepares you to be successful.

Experienced Professionals

You want to be the best and so do we. Your immediate accountability for important decisions reflects the value we place on your training.

Apprentices / Traineeship

Explore our world of opportunities and learn from some of the best and brightest in our industry.

Find out which aspects of our business most interest you and where you would like to build a career.

An Equal Rights Note: Guardian Eagle Security Inc is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. We uphold all State and Federal Civil Rights laws. We also believe that fostering diversity within the workplace contributes to the success of the Company. Click Here to Read Our Recruiting Disclaimer.

Guardian Eagle Security Inc takes a strong stance against sexual harassment and workplace harassment. Sexual harassment and/or workplace harassment, whether it occurs between a supervisor and subordinate or between co-workers, can not and will not be tolerated by Guardian Eagle Security Inc.

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