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Shopping Centers

Shopping Centers Security Services

Our experienced management team can design a customized security program to match any budget. You will not find a security company as committed to your needs as Guardian Eagle. We consider customer service and community relations our top priority for shopping center security. Our security officers will take the time to get to know your tenants, their employees, and their clientele. We will work hard to address any security concerns and help provide a safe shopping environment.

Here are some of the services we commonly provide to shopping centers:

  • On-Site Security Guards
  • 24-Hour Security Dispatch Center
  • 24-Hour Random Security Patrol Services
  • 24-Hour Security Patrol & Parking Enforcement Staff
  • Warn, Immobilize or Tow Violating Vehicles
  • Tow Abandoned or Inoperable Vehicles
  • More Efficient than Calling a Towing Service
  • Parking Sign Installation and Maintenance
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