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Patrol Service

Or in Another Word: Mobile Security

Far too often small businesses sacrifice security because it costs too much. But imagine if this happened to you…

It’s 3 o’clock in the morning and the alarm system at your business has just gone off. Who is going to answer it? Will it be you? How will you solve the crisis? Now imagine if you didn’t have an alarm system and you discovered these problems at the start of your business day. Small businesses, without deep pockets, rarely get a second chance.

A high quality security alternative your business can afford…

Our Mobile Security Service is a unique line that includes Dispatching of Patrol Officers, Mobile Patrol and Alarm Response. Our Mobile Security Service enables small-and medium-sized businesses to access security offerings such as guards, patrols, property inspections, monitoring and alarm response services –which are typically only available to larger corporations. By sharing security costs, smaller businesses can obtain these security services too.

Patrol Service
To assist in the prevention, deterrence and detection of vandalism, theft or safety-related incidents, our trained patrol officers patrol your property in clearly marked patrol vehicles when your business is closed. If we find evidence of criminal activity, we notify local law enforcement immediately via our 24-hour dispatching capabilities

Alarm Response
When your alarm system sounds, our monitoring station alerts a response team to go to your facility and investigate.

Guardian Eagle provides the following types of alarm response:

  • Fail to set alarm: If you leave your facility and fail to set the alarm, the monitoring station will contact us and our security officers will activate your alarm.
  • Unscheduled opening: If your business opens outside of normal working hours, our security officers will ensure that the disarming of your alarm system has been authorized.
  • Intrusion: Guardian Eagle will investigate alarms that are caused by burglars or intruders
  • Manual panic: When your alarm system is manually activated, the monitoring station will notify local law enforcement immediately.

We provide a number of key handling options to ensure our access to your property is safe and secure:

  • Key Lock Box: Guardian Eagle can assume responsibility for your keys and access cards, securely mounting them inside our patrol vehicles in a key lock box. Each key is coded to guarantee client confidentiality.
  • Key Vault: Our key vault option secures keys in an alarmed, monitored vault mounted on the building’s exterior. Patrol officers can access it during inspections and the local police or fire department can access it in the event of an emergency.

GUARD1 PLUS® is our Tour Confirmation System that uses proven “touch-memory” technology, enabling officers to easily record and report events, including security patrol inspections. For more information on GUARD1 PLUS® and our other technology, please click here.

Warning Signage
For additional deterrence from theft and vandalism, Guardian Eagle offers a series of signs and bold self-adhesive decals to place on doors, windows, and fences

Why Guardian Eagle?
The Guardian Eagle Mobile Security Service offers reliable, professional, and verifiable protection at night, during weekends and holiday hours when your business is closed and most vulnerable. Guardian Eagle is one of the most locally focused security company in the United States.

With Guardian Eagle Security Time-sharing, No One Stands Alone
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