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Training Programs

is the acquisition of knowledge which permits employees to perform their duties to standards.
is training employees to perform various job responsibilities.
is training employees to acquire new horizons, technologies or viewpoints.

Guardian Eagle believes that proper and ongoing training, education and development is essential to the success of our company and its employees. Because our employees are our most valuable assets, we invest heavily in this philosophy.

We administer a comprehensive training program to each employee. Qualified instructors present classroom instruction in the form of lecture, video presentations, realistic demonstrations and written materials.

At this training, employees are instructed on company policies and procedures, appearance and demeanor, how to provide outstanding customer service, equipment usage, emergency preparedness, safety awareness, fire prevention, client relations, report writing, legal issues, disabled guest assistance, dealing with guest problems and how to be proactive as opposed to reactive. We also believe in the continuing professional development of our employees. In addition to their initial training, employees are required to attend on-going training programs based on their length of service, including TEAM (Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management) and First-Aid and CPR Certification.

Using this approach to training, education, and development improves and enhances the skills of our work force and ensures that our company gets the most from its resources. In addition, it helps us maintain a competitive edge over other security and event staffing companies in the nation.

An Equal Rights Note: Guardian Eagle Security Inc is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. We uphold all State and Federal Civil Rights laws. We also believe that fostering diversity within the workplace contributes to the success of the Company. Click Here to Read Our Recruiting Disclaimer.

Guardian Eagle Security Inc takes a strong stance against sexual harassment and workplace harassment. Sexual harassment and/or workplace harassment, whether it occurs between a supervisor and subordinate or between co-workers, can not and will not be tolerated by Guardian Eagle Security Inc.

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