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Post Confirmation System

Vantage™ is an automated check-in system which verifies posts are staffed by the scheduled security officers, and alerts our dispatcher when a security officer has not reported for duty.

Vantage™ monitors time and attendance in real-time with the information directly updating data within the operating system (Vision™). Contract staff arrive onsite and check-in using a designated telephone that’s caller identification is quickly recognized by Vantage™ creating a highly accurate, paperless time management process. This information can be accessed by supervisors and other management, as well as by the client, enabling Guardian Eagle Security to more effectively and efficiently manage field security personnel at remote sites from a centralized office location.

As compliance and other management issues evolve, so does Guardian Eagle Security. We continue to incorporate leading edge technologies, innovative procedures and build strategic partnerships to continually improve the performance and impact of our security solutions. For the security industry, these innovations have included the addition of biometric measures, such as palm readers, to not only track and monitor time-and-attendance but to also verify that the security guard checking-in is actually the security guard assigned to the post or function.

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