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Work/Life Balance

Guardian Eagle recognizes that there are tangible benefits from supporting flexible working practices, implementing family friendly initiatives and assisting employees to achieve a balance in their work commitments and their life outside of work.

For the Work-Life Balance to work effectively there has to be give and take from both managers and staff, flexible working is not about never working long hours or undertaking extra duties its about creating a balance, avoiding the ‘long hours culture’ and measuring outputs rather than inputs. Staff need to recognize that requests to work flexibility have to fit in with the business requirements but equally managers should not dismiss requests without objective and consistent consideration.

An Equal Rights Note: Guardian Eagle Security Inc is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. We uphold all State and Federal Civil Rights laws. We also believe that fostering diversity within the workplace contributes to the success of the Company. Click Here to Read Our Recruiting Disclaimer.

Guardian Eagle Security Inc takes a strong stance against sexual harassment and workplace harassment. Sexual harassment and/or workplace harassment, whether it occurs between a supervisor and subordinate or between co-workers, can not and will not be tolerated by Guardian Eagle Security Inc.

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