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Focusing On Clients

Guardian Eagle Security Inc. is a California Corporation founded in 2002 and has grown steadily by providing uncompromising management support,timely and active problem resolution, and an overall superior level of service focused on exceeding every client’s expectations.

Safety and harmony are the aspects that build an ideal society. Crimes, which are the main component of daily media reports, are rampant these days. However, everyone has to live and work normally each day to acquire their necessities and achieve their dreams.

The fruit of these efforts are often the main targets of the offenders. Criminals who are too lazy and ignorant to work and shape their future are taking advantage of the properties of diligent people. Successful, selfish individuals who want more than they possess try to ignore the inflicting consequences of their plans and actions. We cannot just go on living with these anxieties that will destroy our future.

The world needs a cure to prevent or stop these misfortunes that most individuals are undergoing. We need a definite protection from a company who generates quality security officers that will cast these concerns away. Guardian Eagle Security is absolutely the best company to turn to in times of serious threats and danger.

Guardian Eagle Security offers the most outstanding security guard services that we need during these troubled times. The company understands your needs and values your investment – that is why they have formed well-trained individuals to perform serious jobs. The company implements good training facilities for aspiring and credible individuals in order to expose them to critical situations often encountered in real life.

The company uses advanced learning techniques to make sure the candidates are knowledgeable and skillfully perform tasks as required by the customer.

  • Our officers can easily detect illegal or unlawful acts.
  • They can appropriately sense signs of crimes, hazardous fire or any chaos that can put your property or family in jeopardy. The officers can analyze and operate the amenities commonly used in areas that need full security.
  • They are accustomed to any type of alarm systems and video cameras. They are trained to carry and expertly use weapons like firearms and batons.
  • They can skillfully perform the security basic methodology: “detect, determine, observe and report.” The officers can competently achieve specified tasks, such as arresting and controlling lawbreakers.
  • They can execute handcuffing and restraints in a skillful manner without insulting the human rights of the offender. The officers are also capable of operating emergency tools and can perform first aid tasks like CPR.
  • They are fully aware of accurately taking note of their discoveries and write detailed reports. The officers are required to attending training, especially for terrorist attacks.
  • They have undergone training for bomb threats or unpredictable disasters like earthquakes.

Guardian Eagle Security defines your safety as our goal.

This is why we make sure that you are getting nothing but the best security guard services that you can need and can rely on, especially in times where there is a risk involved. This company is worth your investment.

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